A Stockbroker's Life in the Ballarat Gold Rush

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Mager, Josiah (1829 – 1898)

Parents: ? Mager & Mary Ann Quintrell
Birth: 1829, Cornwall, England
Arrival: 1851/52 (obituary)
Married: Mary Moloney (nee ?) in 1873
Children: None known, stepchildren
Death: Oct 1898 in Geelong
Buried: Ballarat Old Cemetery

Associated companies/mines:

  • Victoria United Company
  • South Star Company
  • Albion United
  • Ballanee Quartz Mining Co. N/L
  • Clifton Quartz Mining Co.
  • Duke Company N/L
  • Duke of Cornwall Freehold Co.
  • Duke of Cornwall Gold Mining Co.
  • Enfield Mining Company
  • George Freehold Gold Mining Co.
  • Hepburn Estate Leasehold Co. N/L
  • Holstein Quartz Mining Co.
  • Kingston Leads Gold Mining Co. N/L
  • London and Clunes Company N/L
  • Marmion Gold Mining Co.
  • New Waterloo Gold Mining Co.
  • Old George Company
  • Princess Alice Quartz Mining Co.
  • Royal George Gold Mining Co.
  • Saint George and Band Quartz Co. N/L
  • Two Ton Gully mines
  • Waterloo Gold Mining Co. Ltd.
  • West Park Company
  • Young Northern Gold Mining Co.

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