A Stockbroker's Life in the Ballarat Gold Rush

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Lewis, Moses (1831 – 1907)

Parents: Richard Lewis & Rebeccah Evans
Birth: 1831, Lantrisant, Glamorgan, Wales
Arrival: 1852 (obituary)
Married: Mary Ann Davies in 1864
Children: Richard John, Mary Ann, William Henry
Death: Oct 1907 in Ballarat
Buried: Ballarat New Cemetery

Associated companies/mines:

  • Band of Hope Company N/L
  • Bonshaw Freehold Gold Mining Co.
  • Cambrian Quartz Mining Co.
  • City of Canterbury Gold Mining Co.
  • Cosmopolitan Gold Mining Co.
  • Evans Freehold Company
  • Faugh-A-Ballagh Quartz Mining Co.
  • Forest Creek Quartz Mining Co.
  • Golden Queen Gold Mining Co. N/L
  • Mississippi Company
  • Mount Egerton Company
  • Mount Rowan Junction Co.
  • New Ballarat Freehold Gold Mining Co.
  • Newington Estate Gold Mining Co.
  • North Waterwheel Company N/L
  • Parker's Extended Co.
  • Prince of Wales Gold Mining Co. Ltd.
  • Southern Freehold Co.
  • Star Freehold Company
  • Theodora Gold Mining Co. Ltd.
  • United Albion and Prince of Wales Gold Mining Co.
  • United Extended Band of Hope Co.
  • United Hand and Band Company N/L
  • United Hand-In-Hand and Band of Hope Co.
  • Western Suburban Co.

Associated organisations:

  • Melbourne Stock Exchange

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