A Stockbroker's Life in the Ballarat Gold Rush

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Hicks, John Clemens (1828 – 1890)

Parents: Thomas Hicks & Mary Clemens
Birth: Jul 1828, Cornwall, England
Arrival: Possibly 2 Jan 1865 aboard “London” or in 1868
Married: Grace Ellis in 1850, Rock Chapple, Penzance
Children: Mary Anne, Ada Jane, Eleanor, John Henry, William Thomas Clemens
Death: Feb 1890 in Ballarat
Buried: Ballarat New Cemetery

Associated companies/mines:

  • All England United Gold Mining Co. Ltd.
  • Arch Duke Quartz Co. N/L
  • Argyle Quartz Company N/L
  • Ballanee Quartz Mining Co. N/L
  • Band of Hope Quartz Co. N/L
  • Belgium Quartz Mining Co. N/L
  • Bell's Tribute Co. Ltd.
  • Blink Bonny Quartz Mining Co. N/L
  • Butlers United Freehold Co. No. 3 N/L
  • Butlers United Freehold Company N/L
  • Constellation Mining Co. Regd.
  • Dimock's United Company N/L
  • Duke of Cornwall Freehold Co.
  • Duke of Cornwall Gold Mining Co. Ltd.
  • Eaglehawk Alliance Quartz Mining Co. N/L
  • East Koh-I-Noor Gold Mining Co. N/L
  • Edinburgh Gold Mining Co.
  • Exhibition No. 1 Quartz Mining Co. N/L
  • Finns Reef Mining Co. N/L
  • Golden Corner Freehold Gold Mining Co.
  • Grand Duke Gold Mining Co. N/L
  • Great Nelson United Quartz Mining Co. N/L
  • Kingston Park Freehold Co. N/L
  • Lord Nelson Quartz Mining Co. N/L
  • May-Day Freehold Gold Mining Co. N/L
  • New Black Horse Company N/L
  • New Dimock's Reef Quartz Mining Co. N/L
  • New Dimock's United Quartz Mining Co. N/L
  • New Koh-i-nor
  • New Nelson Mining Co. N/L
  • No. 2 Band of Hope Quartz Mining Co. N/L
  • No. 2 Butler's United Freehold Co. N/L
  • No. 3 Band of Hope Quartz Mining Co. N/L
  • No. 4 Band of Hope Mining Co. N/L
  • North Dimock's Reef Company, N/L
  • North Dividend Quartz Co. N/L
  • North Eaglehawk Quartz Mining Co. Ltd.
  • Rising City Tribute Co. Ltd.
  • Risk's Mining Company N/L
  • Rose D'Amour Mining Co. N/L
  • South Exhibition Mining Co. N/L
  • South Parker's Mining Co. N/L
  • Sulieman Pasha Quartz and Alluvial G.M.Co. N/L 

Associated organisations:

  • Royal George Hotel
  • North Star Hotel

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