A Stockbroker's Life in the Ballarat Gold Rush

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Bailey, Thomas (1840 - 1914)

Parents: John Bailey & Mary Sarah Hewitt
Birth: 1840, Taunton, Somerset, England
Arrival: late 1850s
Married: Sarah Chisholm Craig in 1869
Children: Walter Lewis, Magdalene Ruby, Harry
Death: Jul 1914, Ballarat
Buried: Ballarat Old Cemetery

Associated companies/mines:

  • Albion Quartz Mining Company
  • Alps Quartz Mining Co.
  • Boxing Reef Quartz Mining Co.
  • Danish Gold Mining Co. N/L
  • Duke of Cornwall Gold Mining Co.
  • Excelsior Quartz Mining Co. Ltd.
  • Freebooter Freehold Gold Mining Co.
  • G.G. Consols Co.
  • Great Extended Catherine G.M.Co. N/L
  • Great Northern Freehold Gold Mining Co.
  • Great South-Western Company
  • Great Western Gold Mining Co.
  • Guiding Star Gold Mining Co.
  • Halford Quartz Mining Co.
  • Highland Laddie Gold Mining Co.
  • Imperial Gold Mining Co.
  • Juno Quartz and Alluvial Gold Mining Co.
  • London Quartz Mining Co.
  • Lord of the Hills Quartz Mining Co.
  • Malakoff Great Extended Quartz Mining Co.
  • New British Lion Gold Mining Co.
  • New Cosmopolitan Gold Mining Co.
  • North Happy Valley Quartz Mining Co.
  • Director - North Woah Hawp Company
  • Planet Tribute Gold Mining Co. Ltd.
  • Prince of Wales Quartz Mining Co.
  • Princess Alice Quartz Mining Co.
  • Privateer Freehold Gold Mining Co.
  • Progress Quartz Mining Co. N/L
  • Rhine Quartz Mining Co.
  • South Egerton Company
  • South Egerton Consols Quartz & Alluvial Gold Mining Co.
  • South Happy Valley Quartz Mining Co.
  • South Progress Quartz Mining Co. N/L
  • Star Freehold Company
  • Star of the East Quartz Mining Co.
  • Star of the West Quartz Gold Mining Co.
  • United Happy Valley Quartz Mining Co.
  • United Hit or Miss and Hick's Quartz Mining Co.
  • United Miners Company N/L
  • Wellesley Quartz Gold Mining Co.
  • White Horse Quartz Mining Co.

Associated organisations:

  • Ballarat Angler's Club
  • Ballarat Hunt Club
  • Captain of Ballarat Yacht Club

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