A Stockbroker's Life in the Ballarat Gold Rush

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Goddard, Henry (Harry) Richard George (1855 – 1915)

Parents: George Goddard & Sarah Phillips
Birth: 1855, Ballarat
Arrival: -
Married: Helen Olivia (or Oliver) Scott in 1880
Children: Margaret Halliburton, Ethel Sarah, George Henry Oliver, Robert Alfred, Henry Richard George, Frank Gordon
Death: Feb 1915, St Kilda
Buried: Unknown

Associated companies/mines:

  • Director - Central Plateau Company
  • Golden Hurdsfield Gold Mining Co. N/L
  • Great Northern Gold Mining Co. N/L
  • Morning Star Tribute Co. N/L
  • Mount Glasgow Freehold Gold Mining Co. N/L
  • New Rhymney Quartz Mining Co. N/L
  • North Hurdsfield Extended Gold Mining Co. N/L
  • Orient Hurdsfield Gold Mining Co. N/L
  • Spring Hill Freehold Gold Mining Co. N/L

Associated organisations:

  • Melbourne Stock Exchange

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