A Stockbroker's Life in the Ballarat Gold Rush

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Witherden, Edwin Offen (1832 - 1915)

Parents: William Morphat Witherden & Margaret Offen
Birth: 1832, Kent, England
Arrival: 1853 (obituary)
Married: Margaret Young in 1859
Children: William Young, Margaret Jane, Elizabeth, Edwin Murdoch, Ellen Victoria, Offen Charles, Annie Sutherland
Death: Sep 1908 at East Brunswick, Melbourne
Buried: Ballarat New Cemetery

Associated companies/mines:

  • Albert Quartz Mining Co.
  • All Fours Quartz Mining Co. N/L
  • Alps Quartz Mining Co.
  • Argyle Quartz Mining Co.
  • Ballarat and Chiltern Gold and Tin Mining Co.
  • Black Horse Quartz Mining Co.
  • Central Plateau Company N/L
  • Chalk's Estate Company N/L
  • Dan. O'Connell Alluvial Gold Mining Co.
  • Eureka Quartz Gold Mining Co.
  • Forest Queen Quartz Mining Co. N/L
  • Gordon and Egerton Co. N/L
  • Grey Mare Quartz Mining Co.
  • Haddon Gold Mining Co.
  • Happy Valley Company
  • Innes Freehold Mining Co.
  • Kereit Bareet Gold Mining Co.
  • Kong Extended Gold Mining Co. N/L
  • Lord of the Hills Quartz Mining Co.
  • Muckleford Estate Gold Mining Co. N/L
  • Napier Quartz Mining Co.
  • New Flying Scud Quartz Minning Co. N/L
  • New Greed's Reef Quartz Mining Co. N/L
  • New Julius Caesar Gold Mining Co. N/L
  • New Parker's Reef Quartz Mining Co.
  • New Republic Company N/L
  • No. 2 Black Horse Company N/L
  • North Monte Christo Company N/L
  • North-Eastern Quartz Mining Co. N/L
  • Parker's Extended Quartz Mining Co. N/L
  • Parker's Reef Quartz Mining Co.
  • Royal Saxon Consols N/L
  • Shaw's Extended Company N/L
  • Shaw's Rob Roy Quartz Mining Co. N/L
  • South Midas Gold Mining Co. N/L
  • South Welcome Mining Co. N/L
  • Star Consols Gold Mining Co. N/L
  • Try Gold Mining Company
  • United Happy Valley Quartz Mining Co.
  • United Miners Company N/L
  • Victoria Quartz Mining Co.
  • Wellesley Quartz Gold Mining Co.
  • Wheal Dorey Quartz Mining Co.
  • White Horse Quartz Mining Co.

Associated organisations:

  • Justice of the Peace
  • Ballan Shire Councillor

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